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No need to SHOUT!

Effective communications between skipper and crew leads to good team work and is an essential element in on-board safety. Raised voices are necessary when there is a need to be heard over wind and engines noise or the crew member is out of sight of the helm. It hasn't been easy to stay calm and cool under such circumstances until now...

The SENA is a Bluetooth communication intercom system that allows the skipper and crew to communicate as though they were standing next to one another. This hands free (no PTT buttons to push), fully duplex (two way simultaneous voice communication), 3.0 Bluetooth, light-weight head set with a choice of plug in boom or short microphone, with built in noise cancellation system and volume control is both water resistant and comfortable to wear. With a range of up to 900 meters in open terrain this intercom system has a multitude of uses both on shore and on-board.


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Key Features

Sena logo with text - SENA SPH10 Bluetooth Headset and Intercom
  • Hands-Free - no need to use a PTT switch
  • Light weight and comfortable to wear
  • Fully duplex (2 way simultaneous conversations)
  • Choice of 2 microphones
  • 900 metre range in open terrain
  • Bluetooth conductivity allows for connection with audio, stereo, compatible mobile phones and GPS!
  • Bluetooth music playback control by AVRCP: play, pause, track forward and track back
  • Multipoint audio in 2.5 mm jack
  • Operating temperature; minus 10C up to plus 55C
  • Weight 112 gm
  • Crystal clear and HQ sound reproduction
  • Durable, sweat and water resistant for active condition
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Volume control
  • Water resistant
  • Up to 10 hours talk time and up to 7 days stand by time
  • Approximately 2.5 hours charge time (Lithium polymer battery)
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Free Firmwear upgrades and 2 year warranty
  • Four way intercom simultaneous conversations possible
  • Integrated voice prompts (available in English, German, French, Italian & Spanish)
  • Certificates-CE, FCC. FC
In each box: Blue tooth head set, boom mic, mini mic, micro USB power and data cable, rubber ear pads, audio cable (for connection to MP3 players, iPod etc) and instructions.

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